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LIVE Lunar Eclipse Group Sound Immersion Session

  • Transcend Wellness 303 E Tonhawa St. Ste 101 Norman, OK 73069 United States (map)

Transcend Wellness is holding a special LIVE Lunar Eclipse Group Sound Immersion event!

This special LIVE Lunar Eclipse Group Sound Immersion features the music of stunning crystal bowls, crystal pyramid, Zaphir Chime, and Tibetan bowl. Let their sounds transport you, wash through your energy, and aid in releasing during this auspicious time!

What does LIVE mean? When we hold these special LIVE events, you purchase your ticket just like you would be attending in person and then we add you to a private LIVE events group for you to tune in from the comfort of your own home! (It's best to tune in LIVE and use headphones to capture the sound of the crystal bowls!)

For those attending in person, please bring your yoga mat, meditation pillows, blankets, and whatever you need to get comfortable. You will be sharing this experience with others, so please be courteous because there is limited space. For those who will be attending LIVE, you still need to purchase your ticket to be added to our LIVE events group! Event Fee $30


Are you ready for some big releasing? The Lunar Eclipse is a time of great change. Energies and cycles from the previous eclipse, culminate and rise into awareness for releasing.

This is BIGGER than your average Full Moon release, which is a 28 day cycle. The Lunar Eclipse provides us the opportunity to release anything you held onto that you meant to or were supposed to release in the last SIX cycles.

Facilitate the release of these energies, emotions, and lessons and begin the year anew by joining us for a Group Sound Immersion on the Lunar Eclipse!

The Total Lunar Eclipse on January 20th begins just after 8:30pm with the maximum eclipse happening at approximately 11:12pm when the moon will appear fully red.

Our Lunar Eclipse Sound Immersion takes place from 4-5:30pm in order to prepare you before the eclipse occurs. Join in person or from the comfort of your own home!

During this extra special sound immersion, you will be bathed in ceremony. The sounds and vibrations of the instruments wash through you creating a relaxed state as you prepare for releasing. By the end, the releasing will have already begun and as the Lunar Eclipse ends at approximately 1:48am, the releasing will be almost if not fully complete. You will be renewed!

*If you plan to join us in person, please bring blankets, pillows, and/or yoga mat to lay on as you will be laying on the floor. If you have mobility issues, we can make accommodations.

In person seating is limited. So make sure to get your tickets!


About our Immersion Specialist at Transcend Wellness:

Shelby Melissa is a power house and the Intuition Queen! She is an Usui Reiki Master, and a Masters of Social Work grad. In 2016, she became a Certified Metaphysical Practitioner adding to her knowledge of energy and crystals. In 2017 and 2018, Shelby went through Lemurian Priestess training and is continuing to remember this crystalline connection. In September of 2018, Shelby completed her Sound Healing Alchemist Practitioner Training and Certification. In addition to these amazing accomplishments, Shelby Melissa has also been on this spiritual journey since 2003 and is the talent behind where she helps people all over the world rediscover their power.

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