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Full Moon Group Sound Immersion Session: A Vibrational Sound Experience

  • Transcend Wellness 303 East Tonhawa St. Ste 101 Norman, OK, 73069 United States (map)

Full Moons are an energetically charged time for releasing. Come join us for our special Full Moon Sound Immersion to release, recharge, and recalibrate for healing and manifesting!

This Group Sound Immersion features the music of stunning crystal bowls. Let their sounds transport you, wash away stress, and clear your energy while you relax in the calming space of Transcend Wellness. 

Please bring your yoga mat, meditation pillows, blankets, and whatever you need to get comfortable. You will be sharing this experience with others, so please be courteous because there is limited space. Event Fee $30

Meditation isn’t just for hippies and monks anymore!

18 million adults in the United States reported using mediation in 2012 and they come from all walks of life according to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health and a Pew survey.

Plus it is good for you too!

Did you know that in 2017, 54% of adults in the United States reportedly suffered from high levels of stress according to a Statisita survey?

That is more than half of us!

When we are under prolonged periods of high stress, it negatively affects our body. Not only do people experience mental health issues like anxiety and depression, but according to the American Psychological Association, it can also lead to: tension aches and headaches, difficulty breathing and asthma attacks, increased risk of hypertension, heart attack, and stroke, more acid reflux and heartburn, even potential ulcers and other digestion issues.

Who wants any of that??

Meditation is a mind, body, and spirit tool that promotes relaxation! Meaning, it aids to deactivate the flight or fight response that our bodies can get stuck in under prolonged stress.Further, when we meditate, we connect into our spirit and our own spiritual beliefs. As humans, this makes us feel connected to each other, but also can bring a sense of fulfillment and purpose to our lives. Which, our minds, bodies, and spirits thank us for!

To help you get into the meditative state and receive all of these juicy benefits, here at Transcend Wellness we offer Group Sound Immersion Sessions! 

Our Immersion Specialist, Shelby Melissa came up with the name after discussions with the Transcend Team and her close friends to describe the experience we wanted to create - a truly relaxing experience where you are enveloped by the harmonies and vibrations of sounds. We want you to feel like you were floating in beautiful transcending energies and transported to a whole other realm! 

And we couldn’t be more proud to share the original, Norman Sound Immersions with you!

Because the entire experience is so important to us, from the moment you enter our space, the experience begins. Everything about the space has all been carefully considered to elicit relaxation and deactivate that sympathetic nervous system.

During the session, you’ll be relaxing on the floor. Because of this we ask that you bring a blanket or two, a pillow, and maybe even a yoga mat to keep yourself comfortable.

If you have limited mobility, there is a comfortable couch and chair for you to rest on during the session. No worries about getting down and then back up off the floor! We want to make sure these sessions are accessible and comfortable for you as possible!

We provide you with the choices of applying a peaceful essential oil blend for deeper relaxation and/or using cleansed and Reiki infused crystals along your body for extra energetic re-alignment.

Our songstress, Shelby Melissa will entice your senses with the sounds of Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls, light nature sounds, and a brass Tibetan Singing Bowl. Really, all you have to do is get comfortable and relax! And afterwards, there is a bit of time for sharing your experiences and asking any questions you may have!

If you …

  • are experiencing higher levels of stress

  • want to meditate in a safe and supportive environment

  • are feeling a bit fatigued from a long work/school week, (or month)

  • want to deepen or broaden your spiritual life

  • are looking to add to your mental, physical, and spiritual self care practices

  • or maybe just looking to get in an extra relaxing nap (because people do fall asleep!)

… then this is for you!

Please bring your yoga mat, meditation pillows, blankets, and whatever you need to get comfortable. You will be sharing this experience with others, so please be courteous because there is limited space. Class Fee $30


About Our Immersion Specialist -

Shelby Melissa is a power house and the Intuition Queen! She is an Usui Reiki Master, meaning the divine energy of reiki is infused through every part of the immersion and she provides a wealth of energetic knowledge. As a Masters of Social Work grad, she has been specially trained in holding safe, validating, and non-judgemental space. In 2016, she became a Certified Metaphysical Practitioner adding to her knowledge of energy and crystals. In addition to these amazing accomplishments, Shelby Melissa has also been on this spiritual journey since 2003, is a Spiritual Coach, and is the talent behind where she helps people all over the world rediscover their power.

So if you need some extra relaxation time, need to destress and decompress, sooth your mind, or looking to connect into your spirit - then we invite you to come join us for our next Group Sound Immersion Session!

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