What Programs are You Running in Your Subconscious Mind?


Your brain is a computer!

Did you know?? It has its own operating system and base-line functions. Each brain is [almost] a blank slate when you are born! (Many scientists and medical professions now believe that things begin to be installed into your brain even while you are in the womb, developing.) Immediately, you begin receiving inputs from your five physical senses: taste, touch, smell, sound and sight. These inputs are received and stored into your sub-conscious consistently and powerfully… whether you like it or not!

Basically: Your brain is operating at much higher level than you give it credit for! Your conscious mind may not understand all that is occurring but your sub-conscious sure does!

It is well-known that at any given moment we have over 2 billions of bits of information trying to get in. We actually do receive all of this and our sub-conscious filters the information through generalizing, deleting or distorting. When the filtering is complete, we are down to 126 bits we are taking in per second. Think of it like trying to grab confetti falling from the sky! You can only get so much. 

These 126 bits turn into programs. You can say that “your memories are programs.” These programs are installed into our brains in one way or another whether we like it or not. Remember: All of this is happening at a sub-conscious level! You do not need to work at this or even acknowledge it is happening for it to happen. It just is!

These programs often serve us when they are originally installed but as our life changes and evolves, many of them become defective or simply out-dated! We find that later in life these repeated thoughts and memories are actually keeping us back from our newest, freshest potential.

These memories and storage blocks do all sorts of things. From default “modes of operation” to bad habits that seem impossible to break, our sub-conscious is ruling us night and day. 

Ready for the good news??

You can CHANGE these programs in an instant. Old programs can be deleted and new programs can be installed. Updates can be made and viruses can be squashed. There are a variety of ways to go about this and some are simply quicker than others. Because when you can deal with these old programs at their root — at the sub-conscious level — you rid yourself of them forever, instead of just temporarily.

Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) is one of the ways you are able to accomplish this permanent change. The EFT that is practiced at Transcend Wellness uses “tapping” (on the meridian points of the body) to introduce defractionation to memories and thought patterns that are no longer serving you. After those memories are sufficiently released, new thoughts and programs are installed using the same method. The results that occur instantaneously are tremendous. 

This process serves any and everyone at all stages of life. You may have serious thought programs or memories you cannot seem to relinquish from your mind that you know are having an ill effect on you. These could be traumatic experiences or deeply hurtful times that when you think of them, you feel the pain all over again. It could even paralyze you from moving forward in any area of your life.

You may also have what may seem like “minor” limiting beliefs. Perhaps that you are not good enough for a promotion or able to speak powerfully in front of a crowd.

Whatever area of your life you are looking to transform, the EFT practiced at Transcend Wellness can be a catalyst for you into your future self!