Sound Immersion to Rewire the Brain and Receive Messages

Sound Specialist Shelby Melissa at a Group Sound Immersion Event at Transcend Wellness

Sound Specialist Shelby Melissa at a Group Sound Immersion Event at Transcend Wellness


What if you never took another one of your physical senses for granted? What if everything you chose to experience through them was something you chose to do on purpose and not by default?

Our experience of life comes directly through our 5 senses: sight, taste, touch, smell and sound. Part of understanding your current programming is understanding how you have come to experience life through these 5 senses up till this point. Picture your senses being the wires that “installed” the programs inside of you that now exist.

So what happens when you want to rewrite the programs? It’s time to change the experience. And one of the easiest ways to do this is to change what your senses are…sensing!

This is where sound immersion comes in. An immersive experience will begin firing neurons off in the brain that previously have not been fired, and the longer the experience, the more likely to become a new “default” in the brain. 

Typically, there are 7 crystal quartz bowls used during a sound immersion session. Each of the 7 bowls correspond to one of the traditional 7 chakras — root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown. By tuning into the sounds corresponding with each of these charkas during a sound immersion event, each energy center (chakra) is able to tune into it’s frequency and balance itself out. Many energy centers can get out of balance—potentially being overactive or under active—throughout the course of living, and these frequencies bring them back into alignment.

By using sound through the ringing of the crystal quartz bowls, and blocking out many of the other senses, the experience is truly heightened and more powerful. Not only are you hearing it, but you are also feeling the vibrations in your body. The quartz crystal inside the bowls also opens up our minds and hearts to higher guidance and truth of spirit, where energy turns into matter. One of the qualities about crystal quartz is that it can vibrate at the same energy frequency of all the colors of the spectrum! This means it can heal much more inside of us than we may think it can on the surface.

In my own experience, these sound immersion events are a beautiful way to start or end the week, the month or a project or cycle I am apart of. It brings about peace and alignment for easy and simple forward progress, so that I am resisting nothing and allowing everything. It has activated creativity and clarity inside my mind for a strong “flow” state as I begin new projects! Not to mention it is a relaxing and enjoyable time to experience deep stated brain waves (such as alpha and delta) and be in a much more receptive state for whatever you may need to receive for that time.

Transcend Wellness holds a Sound Immersion Event each month. Check out our Events page for more info and to register.

Ashton Boswell